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Microsoft Desktop Business Value Engagements

Download/view a sample business value study results presentation
Vista-Office 2007-SharePoint-MDOP Business Value Study (3MB pdf)

HCR conducts robust, credible studies to help enterprise organizations assess the ROI (costs and benefits) of Windows 7/8, MDOP and/or Office 2013. These studies can also assess infrastructure upgrades (e.g. Active Directory, Systems Center); SharePoint; and licensing options. The benefits assessed will include IT TCO cost savings and business user benefits (direct and indirect benefits). Benefits will be linked to the enabling technology features. The studies also include a very basic deployment plan to determine deployment/upgrade methodology/strategy and timing. We can also assess the financial pros/cons of licensing options (e.g. an Enterprise Agreement versus a Select Agreement). These studies range from 1-4 weeks in duration and include the completion of a questionnaire, on-site interviews/workshops, and analysis/presentation of results. The methodology will be as transparent and objective as possible; will utilize industry-standard techniques/analysis/tools; and leverages existing 3rd party research/tools from Alinean, Gartner, IDC, WiPro, etc. Costs range from $7,000 to $40,000 depending on scope & depth of analysis.

Typical Project Activities and Duration

Desktop business value study activities and timing

Sample Deliverables

Infrastructure Optimization Maturity Model - Assessment of Best Practice Adoption

Comparison of Costs and Benefits per PC

IT Labor TCO Comparison

TCO & FTEs by IT Labor Category

PC Management TCO

Implementation Cost Summary

Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack Costs and Benefits

MDOP + Vista IT Labor TCO Comparison

Office & MOSS (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server) Implementation Cost Summary

Time by Business Activity

Time Saved by Business Activity for Information Workers

Collaboration Time Saved for Information Workers

Summary of Results - Costs Versus Benefits


Typical Project Scope 

IT Benefits

  • OS image maintenance
  • Desktop management / security
  • Service desk (helpdesk)
  • Avoidance of 3rd-party software
  • Application development
  • PC power management

Business Benefits

  • Performance
  • Availability & reliability
  • Security & privacy
  • Mobility & remote connectivity
  • Support & self-help
  • Desktop usability, & efficiency
  • Communication & collaboration
  • Access to information
  • Business process streamlining
  • User application development
  • Hardware/software support

Deployment Planning

  • Deployment method
  • Upgrade strategy & timing

Implementation costs

  • Evaluation, planning & mgmt
  • Hardware costs
  • Software costs
  • Application compatibility
  • Image engineering/testing
  • End-user training & downtime
  • It training & help desk costs
  • Implementation costs 

Risk assessment

  • Identify risks
  • Develop risk mitigation plan/costs

Financial Analysis

  • Costs vs. total 3-yr benefits
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Payback period, ROI, NPV, IRR

Potential Technology Scope

  • Windows 7/8 (including enterprise features)
  • Office 2013
    • Windows SharePoint
    • Programs: Access, Excel, InfoPath, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Project, Publisher, SharePoint Designer, Visio, Word    
    • Servers: Project Portfolio Server, Project Server, Office SharePoint Server
  • MDOP (Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack)
  • Infrastructure upgrades: Active Directory, MSCCM/SMS (Software Management Server)
  • Licensing: Enterprise Agreement (EA) versus Select Agreement; Cost/value of Software Assurance 


Excel workbook

  • Contains all inputs, assumptions, calculations, and results
  • Model inputs can be traced to the source of the data/estimates
  • No hidden formulas, etc.
  • Workbook can be modified and reused by the customer

Results presentation - PowerPoint presentation with detailed appendices

  • 1-2 hour presentation
  • 30-40 PPT slides

Final report (Word) - optional

  • Provides additional explanations of information in the results presentation
  • 15-25 pages

Methodology / Tools Used

All methods/calculations be based on standard industry best practices

  • Spreadsheet tools developed by Andrew Hall
  • Output of other 3rd party tools (Gartner, WiPro, Forrester, Alinean, etc.) may also be used as appropriate
  • Results of prior studies and other 3rd party research (IDC, Gartner) will be referenced whenever possible to support estimates and enhance accuracy of results
  • Survey/questionnaire – used to assess the current customer environment
  • Microsoft Infrastructure Optimization Maturity Model (IOM) to assess opportunities to enhance value by adopting best practices

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