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  IT Economics Research

HCR Research Services

IT Economics Research


HCR provides some of the most advanced/credible IT business value research services available:




Typical Scope

Multi-firm studies

More credibly quantify and articulate costs and benefits based on surveys of multiple technology user-organizations

  • Whitepaper
  • Case studies
  • Tools/calculators
  • Marketing collateral
  • Study research and design
  • Participant recruitment
  • Participant interviews
  • Analysis
  • Deliverable authoring

Advanced analysis and modeling services

Improve the understanding of actual or potential economic impact of IT through research, analysis, and modeling

  • Business value models
  • Reports or whitepapers
  • Marketing collateral
  • Existing research synthesis
  • Model design and development
  • Analysis
  • Report authoring

HCR Research Findings and Analysis

A sampling of the research results/findings conducted by HCR is listed below:



Impact of IT capability adoption (maturity) on business performance

This pioneering research analyzes how and how much investing in IT capabilities improves business performance.  It assesses the correlation between IT leadership and financial performance.  It combines the best secondary research with analysis of various financial success measures of over 1000 businesses.

HCR IT Capability Framework

This framework includes a hierarchy of IT capabilities.  This is used in HCR tools and research and can be used by organizations to assess maturity/capability levels. 

HCR Information Worker Productivity Framework

This framework is a hierarchy of activities that knowledge workers typically perform.  It is used to help assess the productivity impacts of technology initiatives.

Results analysis of HCR tools and studies

Summarizes analysis of results from actual detailed customer studies and common scenarios using HCR tools.  Topics include:  Business Intelligence, Windows Vista, and many other IT initiatives

References and Resources

The resources below are based on reviews of existing quality literature.  HCR research, analysis, services, and tools are aligned with and based on the best IT economics research/literature.



Source Comments

IT/IS impact on business performance

Firm-level view of how and how much IT improves financial performance of organizations

Mostly scholarly (peer-reviewed) research literature

Business value methodologies

These sources discuss how to effectively assess the business value of IT initiatives and how to enhance the return from IT

Mostly practical “how-to” sources

IT project costs and benefits

Studies, surveys, and analysis that present costs and benefits of a variety of IT projects.

Sampling of credible sources that may assist in understanding likely IT initiative costs and benefits