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We are transitioning all of our tools to our site.  This advanced platform includes many features to extend the capabilities of Excel-based tools, including:  centralized tool management, versioning, collaboration, currency and language switching, change tracking, and scenario analysis.  It also enables the creation of customized/editable Word and PowerPoint reports.  This is an ideal platform for ROI-based selling tools and proposal generators.  Try the free IT Project ROI Tool (requires registration).
IT Business Value (ROI / TCO) Calculators & Assessment Tools

Advanced Information Technology Investment Decision-Making Tools  These comprehensive Excel-based tools enable organizations to credibly assess/quantify the costs and benefits (ROI / TCO) of a variety of information technology investments. They provide a robust structure to help organizations develop business cases (investment justifications) for IT projects/initiatives. They also help to assess product features, capability/maturity levels, and project risks.

These models can also be used as standard corporate business case templates for technology implementation projects. They can also be used by IT vendors and service providers to articulate the business value of their solutions.

Sample Tools and Calculators 


Objective / Description

Cost / Availability

ROI Calculator and Business Case Toolkit

This tool helps solution providers (vendors) to quantify and communicate the costs, benefits, and ROI of many types of enterprise-scale technology-based solutions. It produces business case reports (Microsoft Word format) that can be edited and presented to decision-makers. The tool estimates the costs required to implement the new capabilities/solution, including licenses, hardware, software, IT labor, services, and user labor. It also estimates benefits (user productivity, IT TCO savings, business cost savings, and revenue growth) enabled by the solution. The tool was built by AnalysisPlace and the Value Selling and Realization (VSR) Council.

Free / No registration

IT Initiative ROI Calculator

Detailed assessment of costs & benefits of a wide variety of IT projects. 

No cost

AnalysisPlace Tool Configurator

This tool helps you to configure sales and marketing tools developed by or hosted by AnalysisPlace. It assesses tool features, costs, and benefits. It also creates a comprehensive personalized PowerPoint business case that you can view online or download.

Free / No registration

Business Intelligence ROI Calculator

Assess costs/benefits of a wide variety of BI initiatives.  Leverages TDWI's BI Maturity model. This tool is vendor-neutral. 

Free basic assessment

Value Selling Maturity Assessment Tool

The Value Management Maturity Model from The VSR Council is a capability and best practice model for solution providers for assessing and improving their organizational capabilities in value selling, enablement and realization. AnalysisPlace leads the VSR Council workgroup responsible for development of the model. AnalysisPlace is also a primary developer of the content of the model and the assessment tool.

Free / No registration


Excel-to-Word Document Automation

Try our innovative add-in for Office 2016 / 365 users.

Create/update Word documents based on Excel logic, analysis, data, tables, and charts.

Automate your customer proposals, recurring business/financial reports, custom engineering datasheets, and more!

  • Quick/secure install via the Microsoft Store
  • No registration required
  • Free Forever version
  • Free templates to get you started

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IT Initiative Business Value ROI Workbook   This free Excel tool is a very comprehensive and flexible business value model (ROI calculator) to support the development of business cases for a wide variety of enterprise-scale information technology-based projects. It provides a robust structure to help organizations credibly assess the business value (costs, benefits, TCO, and ROI) of technology projects/initiatives. It supports most types of enterprise-scale technology initiatives and includes sample cost and benefit data for 18 common initiative types. This workbook can be used as a standard corporate business case template for technology-based initiatives. It can also be used by consultants and technology vendors to articulate the business value of their software, hardware, and service solutions.

Typical Tool Features 

  • Comprehensive/credible assessment of project costs and benefits
    • Costs: Includes hardware; software; IT labor, training, and services; and user labor and training. All direct and indirect, one-time and on-going costs needed to implement and support the initiative.
    • Benefits: IT labor TCO savings, other direct costs savings, user productivity benefits, revenue growth, and potential impact on non-financial KPIs (key performance indicators). Most models list key user-selectable features/capabilities that enable each benefit.
  • Supports rapid (30 minute) or detailed (5+ day) assessments - The models are designed to provide either a rapid assessment (by just entering/selecting basic organizational profile data) or a very detailed (5+ day) assessments by modifying hundreds of detailed inputs.
  • Comprehensive financial analysis - Calculates project cash flow, cost-benefit analysis, ROI, NPV, IRR, and payback period.
  • Pre-populated with default/sample costs and benefits* - Sample input data is pre-populated throughout the model and is re-calculated as inputs are modified. Data/estimate sources are listed. Users may overwrite any of the pre-populated defaults.
  • Supports most common scenarios
  • Feature assessment - Most models enable the user to rate the likely usefulness/adoption of initiate features. This assessment impacts the benefit calculations and the list of enabling features for each of the benefits.
  • Protected, yet customizable - Essentially all values can be modified. Formulas and other areas of the model that should not be modified are protected (locked) to maintain integrity. HCR can provide additional fee-based customization, if desired.
  • Based on industry-standard calculations and industry-leading methodologies - The models are as transparent as possible so the user is able to understand how the costs and benefits are calculated.
  • User-friendly - The workbook contains instructions, descriptions, and references. Results are updated real-time and are displayed graphically throughout the model. Although the model is user-friendly, we recommend users have at least a moderately-advanced understanding of technology and business value concepts to develop a credible business case.
*NOTE: Pre-populated (default/sample) cost and benefit data should not be used for making investment decisions. This tool cannot accurately/credibly estimate costs/benefits without significant user review, validation, and adjustment of many data inputs (the detailed inputs should be customized for each particular organization). Pre-populated data is based on detailed customer studies conducted by HCR, but is not meant to represent average/typical project results and is not based on statistically significant research. Sample data should only be used as a starting place for assessing the business value of your particular organization and Vista initiative. 

Model Components / Flowchart

The flowchart below graphically presents typical tool components.

Model Components / Flowchart

Why Use HCR Business Value Tools

For enterprise business and technology decision-makers:

  • Develop more credible business cases (justifications)
  • Objectively evaluate, quantify and prioritize investments
  • Better align investments with business strategy
  • Increase project ROI and technology adoption rates
For technology product vendors and service providers:
  • Credibly quantify and articulate product/service business case (increasingly required by technology buyers)
  • Dramatically improve sales close rates

Support Services

HCR can provide fee-based support services, including telephonic support, workbook customizations, and comprehensive consulting engagements to assist with business case development and validation.

For More Information

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